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Margarita-Aspasia Theodorakis is the daughter of Mikis Theodorakis and Mirto Altinoglou.

She was born in Paris on 30 November 1958. She studied history at the University of Paris VIII, Sorbonne, and is a mother of four children . For the past 17 years she has devoted herself to the work of Mikis Theodorakis. She is in charge of the ‘Mikis Theodorakis’ Popular Orchestra, whose goal is to make the composer’s music known in Greece and abroad. She is the executive producer of  ‘Romanos’ publications, which aims at publishing and promoting her father’s Complete Works.

For years now, in her free time, she used to do embroidery, and later on she started collecting broken objects (tiles, glasses, plates, ornaments etc), which she assembles on walls. She started out by working on small surfaces and over the past years she has expanded her collages to cover entire external walls and floors.

Margarita Theodorakis is self-taught; she has never received any special training and has learned her craft through trial and error. She has been influenced by the different cultures she came across during her travels around the world, but mainly by Greek landscapes and colours. Her creations mix porcelain, metal, pearls, mirrors, tiles, various ceramics, as well as other objects, such as two old bicycles. She started out by studying various materials and how they could be put together, and subsequently she learned the technique through practice.

As she explained herself “I needed to express myself artistically, and by exploring the art of mosaics, I felt right at home" (see the full interview here).

She has a very distinctive artistic style. She never does the same thing twice and all her designs are unique. She accepts custom orders, but she reserves a large degree of freedom in relation to her creations.